Paul Spills the CBD: How CBD Is Made

Paul Spills the CBD: How CBD Is Made

Curious about how CBD is made? The Hemp Division co-founder Paul Harney lays it out from seed to finished product.
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Hello and happy spring, Paul here. It’s that time of year again when we begin to prepare this year’s CBD harvest. Our hemp team is rolling up their sleeves to begin a high-value hemp/CBD yield this year.

So, let’s dig into this starting with the seeds. We source our seeds from the best seed suppliers. The two types of hemp seeds we plant are the Painted Lady and the Purple Empress. These two types of seeds will produce feminine plants that, once matured, will bring us the hemp flowers we need to make high-quality CBD.

Next, we plant the seeds in one of the five greenhouses we have built over the past year. There, our team will nurture them for several weeks, and come early summer they will be ready to go into the ground. The sun and hopefully a decent amount of rain will take over most of the nurturing needed to grow the plants. However, we do keep a watchful eye on their health and growth, making sure that nothing hinders their natural ability to bring us the high-quality CBD we look for.

Within 3-4 months the plants will then stand at about 6 feet tall. This will turn our focus to having a watchful eye for any signs of a hard frost. Right around late September or early October, we will begin to hand harvest the hemp plants. Hand harvesting hemp plants is extremely hard work for our hemp team, leaving no rest for the weary until it is complete.

Once the plants have been inspected and trimmed, they will be hung to dry in a humidity- and temperature-controlled location for 4-7 days.

We will make good use of most of the hemp plants. The flowers will be ground up into powder and sent to a third-party lab to be tested to ensure it meets regulations. The leaves are used to make our hot tea blends. A good question that comes up from our customers when it comes to our CBD bottled beverages is “how much CBD does it take to make the bottles?”.

This is where our “Find Your Own Path” concept comes into play. We use various levels of CBD in our line of bottles, some as little as 15 mg of CBD upward to 30 mg depending on what level suits what you are looking for. Therefore, the amount we use in batches varies depending on the strength of each CBD blend per bottle. We have a new dosing machine that ensures we get the correct measurements, and it is very cool.

We create all our own packaging designs, and most of the CBD is packaged here in our Millerton, NY location or in our Hudson, NY bottling plant. Our CBD gummies are made by a trusted manufacturer. We send out our CBD to them along with our recipes, and they create delicious CBD gummies for us to bring to you.

So to wrap this up, if you are passing by our Millerton, NY headquarters this summer, be sure to look over at our location and see if you see me out there in our hemp gardens watching them grow from the Roots Up!

Until the next time…~Paul