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Spark Happy Hour

Welcome to Spark Happy Hour!

For six weeks, we’ll be featuring a different cocktail created specifically for The Hemp Division by wellness chef Pete Ghione. Each recipe includes fresh ingredients that contain antioxidants, vitamins, immunity boosters and more, plus the all-natural benefits of our effervescent elixirs, Orange Mango Spark and Tangy Lime Spark. Check back in each Thursday to see our latest recipe. Enjoy making these at home, and Happy Spark Happy Hour! Cheers to you!!

Up first: Rainier Cherry Vanilla Lime Mojito.

The ginger in this lovely libation provides immunity-security while a splash of Tangy Lime Spark adds a touch of effervescence and CBD.

Mango Pineapple Mimosa

What happens when pineapple 🍍 and vodka meet Orange Mango Spark? Magic, baby! This juice-drenched Mango Pineapple Mimosa takes the wellness level up a notch with our CBD-infused bubbly Spark!

Grapefruit Lime Mojito 

This week’s Spark Happy Hour cocktail is a Grapefruit Ginger & Lime Spark Mojito. We feel better already. You will, too, with the goodness of grapefruit, ginger and Spark’s CBD. Cheers to you!

Fresh Strawberry Mango Basil Punch

This Fresh Strawberry Mango Basil Punch with our Orange Mango Spark is light, refreshing and contains all the antioxidant power of strawberries and CBD benefits of Spark for a true wellness punch!

Hibiscus Mango Orange Aperol Spritz 

If you love oranges, this week’s Spark Happy Hour cocktail will be ❤️ at first sip! This beautiful Hibiscus Mango Orange Aperol Spritz is as pretty as it is delish! The CBD and bubbles in our Orange Mango Spark give it that extra umph!

Blueberry Basil Lime Moscow Mule

Wellness chef Pete Ghione has outdone himself for our final Spark Happy Hour cocktail. Chock full of antioxidants, this Blueberry Basil Lime Spark Moscow Mule with a splash of Tangy Lime Spark CBD will help you give free radicals a good ol’ mule kick!

  • Jul 30, 2020
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