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National CBD Day Party Tips

August 08, 2022 2 min read

National CBD Day Party Tips

National CBD Day is August 8, and that sounds like a good excuse to throw a party to us!

If you agree, then you’ll appreciate these tips that we’ve put together for ways you can make your National CBD Day party one of the calmest, chillest, most relaxing parties ever!

Kick It Off With Shots!

Nothing says “party” like a round or two of shots – but when they’re CBD shots, you’ll actually remember the party the next day! Set one of each of our Green Tea & Honey Shot and Turmeric Ginger Shot at your guests’ table places or lined up on a bar or kitchen counter and raise a tiny jar to wellness – opa!

Make a Build Your Own CBD Bar

The beauty of CBD tinctures is that you can add a drop or two or three to anything, allowing you to control how much CBD you consume. Set out bottles of CBD Hemp Extract tinctures in 1200 mg or 3000 mg and let partygoers add it whatever they wish – their sparkling water, tea, beer, wine, guacamole or salsa to build their own desired levels of CBD into their food or beverages.

Serve Up Some CBD Gummies

We used a super fun cannabis leaf mold to create these CBD gummies made with our Rest tincture. Besides being yummy and full of CBD goodness, your guests will be impressed by your creativity! 

Mix It Up With CBD Cocktails/Mocktails

We’ve got two CBD-infused cocktail recipes ready for you to try – a CBD Moscow Mule and CBD Cranberry Margarita – or make them a mocktail by losing the alcohol. But don’t limit yourself to these – use your imagination and create your own using any of our cold CBD teas, lemonade or sparkling elixirs. It’s a fun beverage you can feel a little bit better about!

Let’s Make CBD Brownies!

Everybody’s heard of the famous (or infamous) brownies made with CBD’s cousin, marijuana. So why not do a take on those favorite late-night snacks but make them with healthy CBD that won’t give you that “high” feeling that THC does. Your guests will appreciate the irony – and the chocolate!

Whether you choose to use a packaged brownie mix or make them from scratch, just add in some tincture drops…or we’d suggest using our Boom Chocolate & Coconut tea or Chill Chamomile Mint tea, both with CBD. You can brew the tea and substitute it for the liquid in the brownies, or if you want to replicate those original bad-boy brownies with the telltale brown leaves in them, just throw the loose tea in the mix and party on!